8:41pm October 21, 2014


Andy watching Miranda.


Miranda watching Andy.


8:22pm October 21, 2014


friendly reminder that rebecca sutter and laurel castillo are NOT white and it’s a disservice to the characters and their heritage to be referred to as the “white girls”.

The former is of portuguese chinese, scottish and english descent and the latter is a latina.

white passing does not mean WHITE. 

this has been a psa.

8:03pm October 21, 2014


Happy (belated) B-Day, dear Cofie!!!!!!!


character design © littlecofiegirl
art © tsuminoaru 

7:44pm October 21, 2014

We’ve all done things to survive. There are such sins at my back it would kill me to turn around.

7:31pm October 21, 2014
Also aren’t there canon universes where TONY is the leader of the team? For a given value of leader? Like, the Avengers do not by nature have a super rigid power structure?

probably, though I can’t think of any specifically. There ARE universes where Tony Stark and Iron Man appear to be two separate people, until the ~reveal, which typically comes much later than it did in the MCU. I mean, that’s a relationship issue. but still. I don’t think there’s any more shit beween them than other Avengers.

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UGH I am having the worst luck lately

today was the first morning it was cold enough to need my winter jacket. apparently while it was in storage the metal of the zipper oxidized, and now I can’t zip it up at all. MY HELLA EXPENSIVE COAT I GOT FOR CHEAP AND LOVE MORE THAN MY NONEXISTENT CHILDREN.

the internet is telling me to wash it in baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, catsup, apple cider vinegar, cola, or a potato. its gonna be SCIENCE, SCIENCE ALL THE TIME at casa de cranes this week.

for those of you playing along at home, apple cider vinegar worked like a charm - although, as spoopyspag pointed out, the coat had to be washed right after because it reeked

6:47pm October 21, 2014

lol warming up to deal with stress, murder baby ♥


lol warming up to deal with stress, murder baby 

6:28pm October 21, 2014



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5:50pm October 21, 2014

Olivia rewatches Community
Characters: Jeff Winger

5:32pm October 21, 2014


A project I can talk about! WOO.

I saw the1001cranes on Twitter one night, lamenting the dearth of cute fingerless gloves on Etsy. And even though I had a dozen Christmas gifts in my queue (five of which are done, btw! WOO!), I offered to make her some, not realizing until the next day that she meant gloves, not mitts. Now that they’re done and delivered, I think I can be honest and say I’ve never made gloves before two weeks ago, so I took a crash course on that over the weekend while waiting for the yarn to arrive.

The Political Process is the original pattern, I just did fingers at the end instead of the ribbing. Can’t quite make out the cabling pattern from my pictures, but I didn’t want to put them on and stretch them out of shape, so. You’ll live ;P

In the end, they turned out so much better than I feared (sorry 1001cranes!), and while they weren’t all that difficult, I’ve pretty much sworn off making gloves ever again. If only because my least favorite part of knitting weaving in the ends and OMG, SO MUCH WEAVING.


5:31pm October 21, 2014

So, how do I justify buying a $400 clawed duster ring?


So, how do I justify buying a $400 clawed duster ring?

5:12pm October 21, 2014

Ellaria Sand in mourning, Game of Thrones season 5

Ellaria Sand in mourning, Game of Thrones season 5